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 What are NOS?

What are NOS?

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. Read more

How are NOS used?

NOS can be used to develop qualifications and training programmes, but they can also set clear standards of competence for recruitment and job descriptions and support workforce planning. . Read more

How are NOS developed?

In consultation with employers/employer groups and other stakeholders, Standard Setting Organisations review and develop NOS for use within their sectors. Read more

 Search using Keyword

 Search Tips

Search Tips

Keywords: This is a free-search function and will provide results based on the text entered. The results will be displayed by title first, then the body of text within the NOS. This may return a large numbers of results. If you are looking for a specific NOS then the Unique Reference Number (URN) should be entered.

Suite Title: This refers to the suite of NOS which is the main grouping of related NOS.

NOS Title: NOS titles will be listed unless the specific suite/s are selected in which case only those relevant to the suite will be returned.

Occupations/SOC Codes: Search by occupation will return results where an occupation is listed under a NOS. Selection using this only may result in large numbers of results being returned.

SSO: This is the Standard Setting Organisation that is responsible for developing the NOS and these are listed under the Contacts section along with their areas of responsibility.